I played the second of four tournaments. I lost the quarterfinal 6/4 7/5
against Tiago Cacao from Portugal (he won the tournament in Ipoh). I won the
first round 6/0 6/1, the second round against 2nd seeded Francoir
Kellerman 1/6 6/1 6/3, and the third round 6/4 6/3 against Artem from our team.

I have been sick for two days with a little fever (37,8) and stomach
aches. Luckily Dave gave me some pills, which helped me a lot.

We went to an orangutang reserve but we didn’t see any orangutangs. They
didn’t show up because it is the fruit season, so they just ate fruits from the
trees and not the food the feeders gave them.

Because I made it to the quarterfinals I stayed there until Saturday,
while Dave and the rest of the team went to Bangkok to sign in for the
qualifying for a grade 2 tournament. I am staying with a coach, Jun, who has
been a friend of Dave for more than 10 years. He is taking me to the airport
and if his player lost today we will all travel to Bangkok, where we meet up
with Dave. If not, Jun will take me to the airport, and I will travel to
Thailand by myself.