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Følg med i mit tennis-liv

For dem som har interesse i at følge mig i mine kampe, kan følge med her på bloggen, som jeg løbende vil opdatere.

Jeg har også en hjemmeside, hvor du bl.a. kan læse mere om mig. Hvis du gerne vil støtte mig som firmasponsor eller som privatperson er det også via hjemmesiden at det sker.
Jeg vil blive glad, hvis du eller dit firma vil sponsere mine bestræbelser på at blive verdens bedste tennisspiller.
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asia tour – bangkok 2

Følg med i mit liv Posted on Mon, November 10, 2014 19:40:54

I played the last
tournament in Asia this week. I won the first round 6/0 6/2 but lost the second
to the 6th seeded 5/7 7/5 6/4. It took at least 3 hours, and after
the match I was cramping so much, that I had to be carried onto a chair by
three people. I had opportunities to win, but I let them go… I had this EASY
volley at 3/3, 40-15, his serve, but I let it go. I was hoping it would go out.
That was one of the few points that made me loose this match.

I played double
with Patrick Kristensen. We won the first round 6/4 6/2 and lost the second 7/5
6/4 against the 6th seeded.

asia tour – bangkok 1

Følg med i mit liv Posted on Mon, November 10, 2014 19:40:18

I played the
grade 2 tournament in Bangkok.

I won my first
round 6/0 7/6 (1). I was leading 5/2 and was thinking that I had won, but he
kept hitting the balls, and he came back. I ended up leading 6/5, 40 -40 and
then we got stopped by rain. I went out and got a pep talk from Dave, came back
on the court an hour later and… made 2 quick unforced errors in a row. In the
tiebreak, I hit the ball hard whenever I had the opportunity and my goal was to
go to the net, because I had made won 80 % of my winners from there. I did that
and ended up winning 7-1, so that is what I am going to do from now on J

I lost the second
round to 4th seeded Brian Tran 6/4 6/1. It was like playing against
a wall. When I won points I was usually long and hard points, but most of his
points came from quick mistakes from me.