Denmark again.
The cold hit me from the moment I stepped out of the airplane.

Dave, Johannes and I arrived in Copenhagen after 33 hours of
travelling. We left Merida, Mexico, Sunday 11 AM, and arrived in Copenhagen
Monday 8 PM.

I learned a lot
from my trip to Mexico. I saw the best players in the world. I noticed what
they do well, and I’m trying to add that to my game.

I saw Chichen
Itza (Mayan pyramids), and had a lot of fun with my team. So all in all… this
has been a successful trip for me.

I will not play
any ITF’s for the next couple of weeks, so now I have to practice. A lot!

Generally, when I don’t play tournaments, I do physical exercises about
1,5 hours per day, and play tennis at least 2,5 hours every day, except Sunday,
which is my rest day.

I am going to
play junior GPS championship this week. I play the first match Friday, and the second
and third match Saturday. If I win the matches I will play semi-final and
hopefully also final Sunday.