I played the
junior Grand Prix Cup last weekend. It is a tournament for the 8 players who
got the most points during some specific U18 tournaments throughout the year.

In the tournament there are four players in each pool, and from the
pools, the two players who get the best results will get into the semi-final.

I won all three
matches and got into the semi. I had to play against Axel Cronje and in the
other semi were Philip Hjort and Simon Friis Søndergaard. But Simon had to
withdraw because of a knee injury.

I won against Axel. It took almost three hours. Then I had one hour of
rest before I had to play against Philip, whom I had beaten in our match in the
first round 7/5, 6/4. I was pretty tired, but I played amazingly and won the
first set 6/0. After that, he started to play a better, he kept his serve and
broke me once. 6/4. In the third set, we both kept our serves until I broke him
at 4/4. “I just have to keep my serve,” I thought. But I was nervous and tensed
up a bit. And as most tennis players know, it is almost impossible to play good
when you are too tense. He broke back and won his service game. I won the next
game, so we had to play a tiebreak. Philip played the tiebreak the right way;
playing basic tennis, keeping a lot of balls in, attacking when he had an
opportunity, while I wanted to finish points too quickly. Therefore I made way
too many mistakes and gave away the tiebreak.