I have been in San Remo since Monday the 7th
of December. I am staying with my favourite Italian family, Maria and
Caecare Dondi. As usual I play tennis from 7.45 – 10, followed by 1 hours of
physical training (in the gym). Then I have two hours off before we start to
practice again. 2 hours of tennis followed by one hour of physical training.

I have been
working on consistency and accuracy. I need to be consistent in every stroke.
What I mean by that is to swing the racket the same way every time. Sometimes I
have too much excessive movement.

I have been
practising a lot of patterns, especially “two cross, one down-the-line”. The
coaches made a line approximately two metres from each single line, and we had
to hit all three shots between the single line and the new line to succeed in
doing one set.

If we were lucky
we only had to do 50 sets 2 times each. Only one person can change the
direction in this drill, so we both had to be the one changing direction twice.
But most of the time we have to do it 4 times each.

I met some new
people here. Two Canadians. They are really cool and play good. It is always
nice to get new friends J