I won The KB
julecup U18 in Copenhagen, which is played from Dec 27 to Dec 30. I really
wanted to win this, because I lost in the final in 2013.

I played my first
match against Muslim Zaurbekov. I won 6/2 6/2. It was interesting to play,
because the club KB had got a new digital device, which is able to film and analyse
the matches played on court 4 (our court). This way, I was able to see the
match when I got home, and find out what I needed to improve for the next one.

I played the
second match against Emil Arleth 6/0 6/2. Even though the score shows that this
was an easy win, the match was not like that at all. Most of our games were
tough. We played a lot of long, hard points, and it was 40-40 in many games.

I didn’t like the semi-final.
I played against Thomas Lindqvist. The match was even, and we played many tough
points. That is one of the things I love most about tennis. The fight. But we
both thought the other guy cheated! I had to get a referee on the court,
because I just didn’t trust Thomas anymore. So throughout the match, there was
this angry atmosphere. And because I let myself get angry, I started to get
annoyed by things I would usually ignore, like when Thomas dad clapped after I
had made a shitty mistake (which he did a lot). But fortunately I won 7/6(5)

I played the final
against Kasper Elsvad. He had just played a long three set match against Peter

I lost the first set 7/5. I played coast to coast (from side to side)
and looked for an opening, but he is incredibly fast and neutralized many of my

After the first set I decided that I wasn’t going to win by playing
that way, so I tried another one of my favourite patterns, 3-1. I hit three
shots to the ad side and one to the deuce side. It worked. He expected me to
change direction and make him run, like in the previous set, and got surprised
when I didn’t. That was my chance, and I often got to the net on the third shot
to the ad side and finished the point.

Eventually, Kasper felt the exhaustion from his match against Peter,
and his legs started to cramp. He withdrew, after I won the second set 6/0.