I played an ITF
tournament in KB from February 9th – 15th.

I lost first
round of single, but won the tournament in double.

I was very
nervous, because I had played bad and lost first round in the last tournament
in Sweden. But I still had a fantastic hit-in with Michael Tauson (one of my
coaches in Gentofte), and felt ready for the single. The match was 2 hours
delayed. It is annoying, but it is just a part of playing tennis tournaments.
KB tennis club has a nice and big indoor tennis hall, where I laid on a thick
carpet and listened to the matched in progress. During that time I tried to
relax my body while focusing on my game plan.

The match started out pretty well. We both played well. I had at least
five break points in his second service game, but I couldn’t break him. After
that I became really nervous every time I got a break point and I held back on
every backhand. I couldn’t break him and I had more than 15 break points in the
match! In the end I lost 7/5 6/3.

I played double
with Kristjan Tamm from Estonia.

During our
matches we generally used a technique, which is referred to as the “Australian”
or “I-formation”. When one of us served, we would both stand in the middle. One
at the baseline and one at the net. And after the serve each of us would go to
a side (obviously not the same side). Our opponents didn’t know which side the
guy at the net went to, so if the returner hit the ball to Kristjan or me at
the net, we would usually get an easy volley and hit a winner.

That was actually
how we won the final. Our opponents always hit the ball in the same direction
on the return, so every time we used the I-formation technique and went to that
side, we won the point. Therefor they couldn’t break us and we just had to
break them once per set. It was very simple and fun. We could see how irritated
our opponents were, because they knew what we would do, but they couldn’t do
anything to prevent it J