In week number 10 I played the Danish championship for seniors in
Odense. I lost my match in the second round to Mohamed Shabib, who lost the
final playing against Philip Ørnø. I found out more about, what I need to do
better in order to improve. I have to be more determined about where to place
the ball, especially if I have an opportunity to attack. Many of my shots were
not precise enough, so it was easy for Mohamed to get to them, and hit great
shots back at me.

This week I
focused on being more determined, and my strokes have definitely improved a
bit. I also practised my running technique. I have a tendency to straighten my
legs before I run, instead of just doing the split-step and stay in that height
as I run. This way I will get to the ball a lot faster. It was difficult to
change. My coaches have made me run SO MUCH this week, but it helped, and I am
faster than before.

I had this weird
practice with Michael Tauson. He was making me run, and I had to hit every ball
back at him. It was very exhausting. I was out of breath after just a few
minutes. I only had the energy to concentrate on getting the ball back. What to
eat for dinner didn’t even cross my mind. I think he made me run 5-6 minutes
before the first break. And the interesting part is that I almost didn’t miss
the entire time. And it was fun! Just me, the ball and Michael. Nothing else.
No worries. I will try to find that feeling again in the week to come. Maybe it
is just about passion for the game?