I have been
improving my skills in Antalya since the 25th of March. It started
out as a camp, and finished with an ITF tournament. I lost the third round of
singles to the finalist, 3-5 4-1 10-8. Because of rain we were unable to play
for two days, so the tournament director decided to play short sets to 4 games,
and a match tiebreak in the third set.

I went with team
Euro Elite. We were 12 players on the tour and 2 coaches (Dave Bandelin and
Kalle Averfalk). We had fantastic practices and learned a lot. The main theme
of the tour was “Grinding”. Grinding means, to get MANY balls in with a
purpose. All players who made it to the semifinals (two of them were Danish,
Philip Hjort and Johannes Ingildsen) there, because they knew when to grind,
and are good at it.

We stayed at Hotel
Riu Kaya Belek. It is very beautiful, is right next to the beach, has so much
good food, and 10 clay courts!

I would recommend
it to anybody who is going to Antalya.

I played double
with Johannes Ingildsen. We made it to the semi-finals, and withdrew after that.