I played an ITF
in Aarhus this week. I lost the semifinal in single and second round in double.

I still have pain
in my back. The physiotherapists told me that it is because of misplaced
vertebra, and that it pushes some of my ribs forward. They told me that the
cause is over-exertion, so I am letting my body rest today and tomorrow.

I played double
with Bart Stevens. We lost in the second round. That was surprising, because we
won the tournament last week in Odense. We didn’t play at our top level, while
they played at their very best. I missed a lot of volleys and Bart thought his
returns were off, so we made it hard for us to win. Maybe we got too careless
because we had won the week earlier. That was a stupid mistake.

I have been
trying to vary my shots when I play single so that I can create opportunities.
Another smart thing about playing with variation is that it forces me to get
many balls in. I am going to the net as soon as I get an opportunity and it is
working great.

A “bad” thing
about my game these past two weeks is that when I was in the lead, I got
careless. Therefore 6 out of 9 of my single matches have been in three sets.
That could be one of the reasons why my back is over-exerted.

Jonas (my coach)
told me that I needed to have faster racket speed when I hit groundstrokes. He
said that it looked like I was holding back when I played. I have to RIP IT with
determination and power.

I became better at doing so after loosing the first set 7/6 in the
quarterfinal against Aaron Schmid from Switzerland. I won the second and third
6/2 6/0.

I played
semi-final against Bart Stevens. The first 6 games were incredible. I think
that neither of us made more than 3 mistakes. The rest of the points were
winners. After that I started missing a lot. I lost 6/4 6/2

After the match, Jonas told me that it looked like I didn’t believe
that I was able to keep playing in the level we played in in the start. I have
to trust myself and keep hitting as hard as my court position allows.