Last week I
played an ITF tournament in Bytom, Poland. I lost the second round in singles
against the first seeded and became a finalist in double with my partner
Mateusz Smolicki from Warszawa.

No one from
Denmark could go with me so I travelled on my own. Luckily I knew some guys
from Netherland, who were also playing. I also got to know a cool Australian
team. It’s fun to travel and meet new people.

It was a G 3
tournament so I got full hospitality in hostel Bytom.

Bytom is a nice town
with many beautiful old buildings and friendly people.

The most
important thing I learned from the tournament was from the single match I lost.
My opponent had incredible volleys and went to the net as soon as he got me in
defence. His touch was unreal! It got me thinking, that I should do the same
thing. I love to attack and go to the net, so why stay at the baseline if I get
an opportunity to get to the net?

I am currently
playing a G 4 ITF in Odense, Denmark. I have tried to go more to the net and I
have been very successful in doing so. Sure, I get passed sometimes, but as
long as I keep wining more points from the net than I lose, I think it is a
pretty good tactic.

This is actually one of the reasons I have been able to win three
single matches so far. During the first round, I played a Spanish guy, who was
incredibly consistent. I simply couldn’t beat him from the baseline, and when I
got a good opportunity I got tense and missed. I believe that the reason for
that is that I tried to win too much, instead of concentrating on the process.
I have to focus on getting better every time I step on the court, and if I win,
then that is a bonus. I realised that at 4/6 1/4. He played well in the next
game, but after that I got back one point at the time. I focused on getting in
good position to every shot and on going to the net, as soon as I got him on
the run. I won 4/6 – 7/6 (5) – 6/4.

I won the next
two rounds by concentrating on the process and going to the net as soon as I
could. I lost the quarterfinal 6/1 7/6
6/1. I won the second set by going the net a lot. For some reason I stopped
approaching the net in the third set. It was probably because I was afraid of
getting passed. I lost because of a bad mind-set. I will get passed at the net,
and that is something that I have to accept, but as long as I win more points
from the net than I lose, then the tactic is successful.

I won the double
with Bart Stevens. We played aggressively and approached the net as often as we

I have had pain
in my back since Thursday and it hurts when I breathe and hit backhands. I hope
it will get better soon.