I played in
Oberentfelden, Switzerland.

I lost the first
round in singles against the 7th seeded, Juri Radionov from Austria,
and second round of double against the 2nd seeded from France and


I volleyed well
in the first set, but missed many smashes. They became better in the second

I was good from the baseline. I attacked him with my forehand, and kept
him neutralized with my backhand. I won most of the long rallies.

In the first set, I tried to do too much with my first serve, so I
missed, and he got the opportunity to attack my second serves.

They were better in the second set. I concentrated on the placement of
my serves, instead of the power, and I created many service winners or
opportunities to attack.

We got new balls in the third set. I kept my first service game, but in
the second I made 2 unforced errors and he hit two great shots. In my third
game, I made 3 double faults!!!

I couldn’t break him back, because he served much hard with the new
balls, and he started to do serve-volley, which he was very good at.

It was a good
fight and a good preparation for DM (Danish championship). We had high paced
rallies and lots of great points. I am just angry and disappointed about
letting him break me in the third set.


I played double
with Luis Erlenbusch from Germany. We won the first match 7/5 6/1 after being
behind 1/5. At that point Luis and I decided to serve more in the middle and be
very aggressive at the net.

This match really
shows that small changes can have a huge impact on the outcome of a match.

We lost the
second round 6/7 (5) 7/5 5-10.

We could have won the match! Luis was serving at 5/4 in the first set,
but we got broken.