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Følg med i mit tennis-liv

For dem som har interesse i at følge mig i mine kampe, kan følge med her på bloggen, som jeg løbende vil opdatere.

Jeg har også en hjemmeside, hvor du bl.a. kan læse mere om mig. Hvis du gerne vil støtte mig som firmasponsor eller som privatperson er det også via hjemmesiden at det sker.
Jeg vil blive glad, hvis du eller dit firma vil sponsere mine bestræbelser på at blive verdens bedste tennisspiller.
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Ipoh, Malaysia G4

Følg med i mit liv Posted on Wed, October 28, 2015 16:48:04

Hi from Ipoh

I am on a 4-tournament camp with EuroElite in Asia. We were in Kuching,
Malaysia, last week, and in Ipoh this week.

I won the tournament!!!

After the last match in Kuching, Dave told me that I am reacting to my
opponent’s shots too much, rather than using my patterns and expect a certain
kind of shot. I still need to be ready if my opponent do something unexpected,
but if I hit a deep shot to his backhand, I will move one meter to my backhand
side, so I can hit a forehand on the next shot.

I did that in this tournament and the results were great.

I had to play my first match against V2 (Valdemar Holm) from our team
again! I played in my first match last week.

The score of this match was 7/6 (7) 7/6 (6) and
took three hours! He was leading 6-3 in the first tiebreak, but I made sure to
play safe, because I wanted to make sure that I didn’t give him the set on an
unforced error.

It was pretty simple to win the other matches. I AM NOT SAYING THAT IT
WAS EASY! What I mean by “simple” is that I always had the same tactic, with a
few adjustments depending on whom I played. I hit mostly to the weakness with a
lot of variation until I could get to the net and finish the point.

Dave left on Wednesday with all who had lost, because some had to play
qualifying for a G2 in Thailand and the others would prepare for the main draw.

I stayed in Ipoh with Philip, Henrik, Tobias, Zack, and Sandra. Zack and
Sandra had lost, but they stayed because they had to go home after this

We almost made EE history. We had four people in the quarterfinals, so
we hoped to win all matches, and have full EuroElite semifinals. Henrik, Philip
and I won, but Tobias lost a tough 3,5 hour match.

After the tournament, we went to Bangkok to meet up with Dave and the
other guys.

Kuching, Malaysia G3

Følg med i mit liv Posted on Wed, October 28, 2015 16:37:31

I am in Malaysia with team
EuroElite. We are 12 players travelling with the head coach of EE, Dave
Bandelin; 3 Danes, 1 Finn and 9 Swedes.

We arrived as a tired group to
Merdeka Palace in Kuching after almost 24 hours of travelling. That is the
official hotel for the G3 ITF event, which is starting on Tuesday.

I slept almost for almost 12 hours
that night.

We played three hours the next
day. It was very warm and humid, but SO NICE to feel the sensation of hitting
tennis balls after not playing for a couple of days. It didn’t take long before
all of us were soaked in sweat.

Everything is incredibly cheap
here. We ate lunch for 10 Rupees. That is the same as 15 Dkr!

I got to the quarter final, after
winning against Valdemar Holm from our team, and a Malaysian guy called KOAY.
Then I lost 4/6 6/3 6/1 against Jackie TANG from Hong Kong, who ended up
winning the tournament.

I was the one who was in control
of the first set, but he never gave up. We kept our service games until 3-3
40-40 in my serve. The chair umpire called a ball out that was inside the line
on my side of the court. I couldn’t let him call that ball out, so I told him
that the ball was clearly in and that we could replay the point. He refused to
change his call, no matter how many times my opponent and I told him it was in.
The umpire didn’t change the call so I got the point, which of course pissed my
opponent off, but I still had my morality intact. I wouldn’t feel good with
myself if I had done nothing. But again, I would have taken the point with no
objections if had I played against an asshole. But Jackie is a nice guy, so I
did the right thing.

I lost because he wore me down. My
muscles just couldn’t do anymore in the third set. My body language did NOT do
anything to help it either. I was walking slowly, with my shoulders hanging. I
probably looked like “the hunchback from Notradame”. That was a mistake I won’t
make again, and I should not have made it in the first place! I also threw my
racket TWICE! This is not good. I am very embarrassed and angry at myself for
doing so.

Dave has a book called “The little
book of talent”. There is a chapter in it that says, that it is much harder for
the brain to break bad habits, such as throwing rackets, than to create new
ones. So instead of throwing my racket, I will put my racket in my left hand
after every point.

We went to another town in
Malaysia called Ipoh, because we are playing a G4 this week. I am going to play
against Valdemar Holm from our team again if he wins his first round. That is
really bad luck! I have to be careful. It is easy to start thinking that,
because I won last week, I will win again sure. Thinking like that usually