Hi from Ipoh

I am on a 4-tournament camp with EuroElite in Asia. We were in Kuching,
Malaysia, last week, and in Ipoh this week.

I won the tournament!!!

After the last match in Kuching, Dave told me that I am reacting to my
opponent’s shots too much, rather than using my patterns and expect a certain
kind of shot. I still need to be ready if my opponent do something unexpected,
but if I hit a deep shot to his backhand, I will move one meter to my backhand
side, so I can hit a forehand on the next shot.

I did that in this tournament and the results were great.

I had to play my first match against V2 (Valdemar Holm) from our team
again! I played in my first match last week.

The score of this match was 7/6 (7) 7/6 (6) and
took three hours! He was leading 6-3 in the first tiebreak, but I made sure to
play safe, because I wanted to make sure that I didn’t give him the set on an
unforced error.

It was pretty simple to win the other matches. I AM NOT SAYING THAT IT
WAS EASY! What I mean by “simple” is that I always had the same tactic, with a
few adjustments depending on whom I played. I hit mostly to the weakness with a
lot of variation until I could get to the net and finish the point.

Dave left on Wednesday with all who had lost, because some had to play
qualifying for a G2 in Thailand and the others would prepare for the main draw.

I stayed in Ipoh with Philip, Henrik, Tobias, Zack, and Sandra. Zack and
Sandra had lost, but they stayed because they had to go home after this

We almost made EE history. We had four people in the quarterfinals, so
we hoped to win all matches, and have full EuroElite semifinals. Henrik, Philip
and I won, but Tobias lost a tough 3,5 hour match.

After the tournament, we went to Bangkok to meet up with Dave and the
other guys.