I played two tournaments in Mexico from the 16th to the 27th
of November.

I arrived at Mexico City airport where EuroElite’s coach for the Mexican
department, Jorge Olaya, was waiting for me. The altitude in Mexico City is
around 2500 m, so in order to prepare the best possible way we drove to Jorge’s
hometown, Cocoyoc, which is in an altitude of 1200 m. We stayed there for two
days before we went to Cuernavaca to practice on clay and be 1700 m above the
sea level. Jorge junior, Jorge’s son, and I practiced there for 4 days. Then we
were ready to challenge the height of Mexico City.

Once you get above 1500 m, it is a good idea to switch balls. Gas balls
will be uncontrollable so changing to pressure-less balls will help very much.

The club in Mexico City is awesome! They have 12 clay courts, 2 big
swimming pools, 2 paddle tennis court, a 2-storey gym, and 2 mini football courts.
When matches are being played in the club, there is another club five minutes
away with more than 10 courts, which the players can use for practice.

It is so cool being there with some of the best players in the world,
and I have gotten to know many of them.

Jorge’s parents let us stay with them for the first days in Mexico City,
so we didn’t have to pay for a hotel. We went to the official hotel on Saturday
so that I could have one night to get used to the bed before the tournament

I shared room with Mirko Martinez from Switzerland, and played doubles
with Ryan Storrie from Great Britain. We practiced together a lot, so I got to
know them well. It is cool to get to know good people!

I won the first round in both single and double, but lost the second
round. It was tough matches, but I got good experience.

I lost 3/6 4/6 in single against a big Israeli player who beat the
player ranked number 18 in the world in the first round. There was only one
break in each set. I started slow, and he took advantage of it and got an early
break. I was leading 40-15 at 4-4 in the second set, but stressed a little and
made an unforced error. He played too good on the next point. I won the next
point. I should have taken a deep breath and gotten ready for the next point,
but I went too fast, and ended up double faulting twice and hit an unforced
error on his AD.

After Mexico City we went to
Merida in Yucatan.

On the second day Jorge, Ryan Storrie, Ryan’s father Gordon, and I went
to the cinema to watch The Mockingjay Part 2 and to get away from tennis. It is
important to get away sometimes, because I can easily get stressed from being
in the tournament atmosphere for too long.

The club in Merida wasn’t as good as in Mexico City, but it had plenty
of courts and a swimming pool.

It was incredibly hot and humid there. My shorts were dripping after
half an hour.

I lost first round in both single and double. The single was one of the
most annoying matches I have played in a long time. The tournament referees had
schedules all first-round matches to be played on the same day. That is 32
matches for boys and 32 for girls! I was scheduled to play at 3 pm, but didn’t
start until 7 pm, which was at the same time they had chosen to have a ceremony
on centre court for the players with a lot of loud music. My court had bad
lighting and after a bad start it became harder and harder to ignore the music.
I got a warning for yelling “FUCKING MUSIC”. Everybody were thinking it… 😛

I ended up losing 6/0 6/2. The conditions were even for both of us, so I
lost because I dealt with it worse than him.

I have been practicing with music since I got back, so that something
like that won’t happen again.

and I went back to Cocoyoc and I practiced with the players on his academy
until I went back to Denmark