Happy New Year!

I am on a tour in South/Middle America with the
EuroElite team from 28/12/15 – 2/2/16.

Our first destination was Coffee Bowl in San
José, Costa Rica.

We are seven players and the head coach of EE,
Dave Bandelin. Patrick Kristensen and I are the two Danish participants. Henrik
Atlevi, Tobias Lindberget, Oskar Johnson, Valdemar Holm, and William Nilsson
are from Sweden.

We got here five days before the tournament
started, so we could prepare well for the outdoor hard-court courts. San José
is about 1000 m above sea level, so the balls fly a lot. It was difficult to
deal with the first couple of days, but we got used to it.

I won the first two matches, but lost against 3rd
seeded Ezekiel Clark (USA) 7/6 (5) 6/4 in the third round.

William and Valdemar lost in the qualification
final, and the other guys lost the first round of the main draw. Valdemar
actually got a “lucky loser”, which means that he got in the main draw, because
someone withdrew, and he beat the 14th seeded from America! He lost
the second round.

I lost second round of double with Henrik
against Tobias and Valdemar.

This is the best tournament that I have ever
played in. The club is great! They have plenty of courts to practice on, the
people are nice, the matches have been scheduled with at least 1.5 hours
between, so there has been almost no delays in the order of play, the weather
has been great, and last but definitely not least, the food is awesome!
Especially the pineapple!

I have learned a lot from these first two
weeks. I almost beat number 60 in the world, by keeping many balls in and
attacking as soon as I had an opportunity. I lost because of two reasons:

I got overexcited at 5-5 in
the tiebreak, and hit wide twice.

I missed a lot of returns
when I had break point.

We have theory with Dave every night and the
most interesting thing (in my opinion) he showed us, is the big fours (Roger,
Rafa, Novak, Andy) in average hit height over the net. It turns out that Nadal
clears the net by 90 inches, Federer 70, Djokovic 63, Murray 59. When I watch
them on TV it doesn’t look like that at all.

After the tournament we went zip lining in the
mountains. It was awesome. We also did something called “super tarzan swing”. Some
of the videos and pictures can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/EuroeliteTennis/

There are seven days before the next tournament
begins in Colombia, and during that time I will make sure that I improve my
Returns, staying calm in tight situations, and the keep the ball high over net,
when it is necessary.

Take care out there.



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